Take Over My Very Successful £1.2M Information Publishing Business

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At Last A Genuine REAL-LIFE Tale Of Information Publishing Success In The UK

robert evansTake Over My 
Very Successful £1.2M Information Publishing Business

Discover How You Can Make Over £1,000.00 Per Week By Taking Over My Information Publishing Business ... AND Working Less Than Hour Per Day

"What's more ... this business has enabled me to put over £137,000 in the bank…”

                Robert Evans Capital Westland income proof 

                  Robert Evans Capital Westland paypal image
Here's What I've Earned Over The Past 4 Months:

£6,756.00 ... £8,535.00 ... 
£5,380.00 ... £6.900.00
     Total = £27,571.00


Will You Let Me Help You Do The Same? ... 

... This is a GENUINE business venture... I’ve made so much money from Information Publishing that I’m retiring at 40 and I'll hand it all over to YOU

So let me teach you everything I know ... and provide you with ... every product ... sales letter ... and system which have made me a millionaire so that you can duplicate my success for yourself!

Dear Friend,

     Within the next few minutes you’ll know exactly how I make over £5,000 per month … working less than 1 hour per day …

     This is one of the easiest ways in which you can GENUINELY give up your day job … and live a very comfortable and relaxed lifestyle … just as I do.

     Hand on heart, I can hand over everything needed that will make you a great of money…

    TO YOU...

     FIRSTLY, I’ve included within this letter copies of my ACTUAL bank statements…

     In fact here’s proof of how well I’ve done so far with this business…

Robert Evans Capital Westland income proof

     You’ll see for yourself that I have put over £137,000into my Business Reserve Account…!

     And I have over £58,000 in my current account.

  capital westland robert evans income proof

     This system allows me to pay myself £5,000+ per month… EVERY MONTH!

     And, that’s NET INCOME and NOT simply turnover…

     That’s how much I pay myself each month from the profits this business makes.

     What’s more these figures are 100% GENUINE!

    All This From Selling 
    Information Products

     If you want to change your life by operating an easy-to-run business that makes over £5,000 per month then this is EXACTLY what you've been looking for...

     Because ... I have decided to retire, close down my Information Publishing business and sell rights to all of the products which have made me £1.2m over the last few years, and which continue to make me fabulous money right now.

       My name is Robert Evans and for the past few 
  years I've been making over £100,000 from 
  selling information products through my 
  company Capital Westland. I turned 40 this 
  year and I've made a big decision.

       I’m closing down my Information Business and taking 
  the time to enjoy the fruits of all my hard work.

     I have one simple question for you:

“Would YOU like to copy my operation and make this kind of money too?” 

     But don’t panic. When you have finished reading you will know that I am offering you a stress-free, proven, easy as A-B-C way of making great money.

             How much money?

     Take a look at my figures from last year. 

     They are not unusual.
Here’s what I banked last year over a 7 month period* 

(*All figures for Capital Westland audited by Chartered Accountant, the deposits were not from one exceptional year, they are typical for the years that I’ve been running this business.)

And there is nothing special about these figures either. Through my company Capital Westland I have banked money at this level for 10 years, month after month after month…

Hundreds of thousands of pounds…

Would you like to be making this sort of money each month? 

Well you can, if you carefully read through the following webpage. I will try and answer every single question you may have, so that you can make up your mind if this business is for you.

I expect you want to ask me the most obvious question:

        “So Robert if it so lucrative why are 
         you retiring and closing down 
         your Information Publishing business instead of continuing 
         with it?”

Simple answer: I’m bored of running it. I’ve run out of energy and enthusiasm. I’ve operated this business for 10 years and I now want to do something completely different. I believe most people would be bored of doing the same thing for 10 years.

I’ve made a great deal of money from this business, own a number of properties, got plenty of cash in the bank that I don’t really need to work again. I feel it is time to call it a day and hand this money making machine over to someone else.

Yes, I did think about getting someone in to run the business for me – that would have worked! I doubt it. I’d be back in the office full time managing the manager within a couple of weeks!

So now you know why I’m closing down my Information Publishing business. And with me leaving the industry, where does that leave you? It leaves you staring at a fortune!

My business is hugely successful and has enabled me to retire at 40. Every product that I’ve sold will continue to bring in £10,000 - £20,000 per month for you if you decide to take my business over!

I’ve made over a million pounds out of this business and I’d like to help you do the same. 

  Eleven years ago I was living in 
  a terraced house in the worst part 
  of town, had 4 credit cards with 
  outstanding debt of £18,000 and was 
  constantly miserable.

Now I own 3 properties worth in total £850,000 – and rising! All bought from selling information products.

  I live with my family in a 
  beautiful Victorian House, 
  4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, filled 
  with all the latest gadgets and 
  gizmos set within a private 
  landscaped garden and all paid 
  for out of selling books and 

I also own a villa in Spain and a property my parents live in.

  Plus I drive a Range Rover Sport 
  and my wife drives a Mini 




How did I rise from nothing and make all of this money?

In exactly the same way I will be sharing with you, if you allow me.

I really do know what it is like to start from the bottom. I won’t deny that is has been difficult at times which is why instead of selling out to one of my competitors – and three big players within the industry have already asked if I would sell everything to them for a 6 figure sum – here’s what I’m doing instead.

I want to put something back. This industry has been very good to me and so I would like to work with a selected few of my past customers and teach them everything I know about making money from information publishing.

And I’ll hand over every product, sales letter and system… in fact everything you need to make a £5,000+ monthly income.

Every single thing you need to start making money straight away

I’m looking for serious people who wish to emulate my success. You will get my full 100% support, rights to every product that I’ve sold through Capital Westland, proven sales letters and software – the works.

This is my way of saying thank you to some of my loyal customers – it’s giving others a chance to change their lives completely.

The Perfect Business

The business that has made my fortune is mail order publishing of information products.

I’m sure you know how it all works. I send out mail shots and wait for the money to arrive – which it does, by the sack-full every day.

Then I send the customer a product (usually an A4 manual in a jiffy envelope). That’s it. And best of all I don’t even do this myself, as you’ll discover later.

You know the sort of products I’m talking about, books, study courses, manuals and ebooks. The Business Millionaire Success Class Study Course is a good example of one of my products. It sells for £74.95 and costs me £6.50 to print and bind. I hope you like those margins!

I LOVE them.

For the past 10 years I’ve banked on average £2,400.00 per week in cash, cheques, postal orders and credit card payments – you could do this too!

Imagine waking up in the beautifully decorated master bedroom of your 4-bedroomed house. As with every morning, you’ve not a care in the world. There are no problems or money worries in your life and no sleepiness nights. 

You open the curtains and admire your manicured gardens. After taking a leisurely breakfast, you collect the morning post.

Today it’s a lovely sunny morning and you decide to open your post in the garden. After 30-minutes, you add up all the cheques, postal orders and credit card payments which arrived that morning.

The final total is £6,580.00. Before lunch your work is done, you’ve also deposited the money into your bank; the afternoon is now yours to do as you please.

Imagine THIS lifestyle everyday – an impossible dream?

No way! Thousands of individuals live this way and there’s plenty of room for you to jump onboard. In fact what I’ve just described was how I spent this very morning.

And to think, years ago I worked in a dead-end job earning £220.00 per week, living in a terraced house. I was going nowhere!

Could you handle £1,000 - £2,000 per week?

Imagine how your life would change if you banked £1,000 every week and only worked an hour or so a day. That’s over £50,000 each year – just think how that would change your life!

I have taken hundreds of thousands out of 

mail order and you could do the same as me. 

And there’s a reason for telling you this. 

One reason only. You need to know that I walk the talk. You’ll never learn anything from a broke person. You’ll only become successful learning from someone who’s been there, done that, took the knocks, bought the T-shirts and more importantly got the cash to prove it!

Let me tell you why I truly believe this is the very best business ever!

Work when you want. I work no more than 12-hours per week and earn over £210,000 per year. I’m actually lazy compared to others who run very similar businesses - if you want to, you can invest more hours to create more wealth - the choice is yours.

 Keep your day job if you prefer. You can start part-time and still keep your present job (if you have one). Run it for a couple of hours in the evening if you prefer.

 No Face To Face Selling. All your transactions are done through the post or on the internet. You’ll never have to meet any of your customers.

 Very little start-up capital. Like all good quality business or investment ventures this one is self-financing. A minimum of £300.00 to get started is all that is required. I started with £100.00.

 No previous experience or special skill. I had no prior experience. No matter what your age, race or sex, you can become independently wealthy. I’ve made £1.2M, just think what you’ll earn with my guidance, know-how and products.

So why shouldn’t YOU earn as much as me? 

Let me be very clear, this business has produced a number of millionaires in a very short period of time. People like Fleetstreet Publications, Streetwise Publications, Stuart Goldsmith and Andrew Reynolds are all millionaires  some multi-millionaires.

I’m sure you’ve thought about information publishing or mail order of some sort in the past as the dream ticket to financial independence… but were stopped in your tracks because:

 You didn’t have a product

 You couldn’t source a product

 You couldn’t write order-pulling sales literature

 You didn’t know where to obtain top quality mailing lists

 No knowledge of running a mail order or information publishing business

 No credit card facilities to operate competitively

Well, you can now relax – I’ll make absolutely sure you’ll get all of this… and more…

What Exactly Will You Receive From Me?

First of all, products.

There’s no need to write or create the products – why?

Because I’ll let you reproduce ALL of my successful products and save you a lot of hassle!

This means you can get started straight away. There’s no need for you to come up with a product idea and start writing it or finding a writer to write it for you.

It’s all very well for other information publishers to say: “now all you have to do is write a study course or manual, rent a list and watch the money flood in”. Oh really! How many people can actually write a study course themselves? Not many I suspect… including myself. 

I have all the products you’ll ever need. What’s more every one is a proven seller because they are the exact products that I’ve sold through Capital Westland to make me £1.2million.

The products are all ready to go, expertly written proven money-makers with order-pulling sales literature.

What I’m going to do is provide selected customers with a licence for my products which will allow you to reprint and sell them worldwide both through the mail and on the internet.

What Products?

I will provide you with a licence for ALL of these products. Remember I’m retiring so you will get the lot! They are all fantastic, widely appealing products that have been expertly written and of course fully tested.

Just one of these products can easily bring you £5,000 per month – and you are getting all of these.

Here are the products that I want to hand over to you:

 Product #1 The Business 
 Millionaire Success Class 
 Study Course

You Will Get: A full reproduction, sales and worldwide distribution licence worth £50,000.

The Business Millionaire Success Study Course is a 12-part wealth-creating course that teaches you the secrets of millionaires.

It details exactly how to set up hundreds of different income streams and invest money wisely. I sold this course successfully for 4 years and it is as popular as ever.

I’ve banked £340,000 from this one product – so you can see why it is easily worth £50,000.

I’ve only ever sold this in the UK, I have not even begun to sell it worldwide and I’ve never sold this course online. The whole world and the web are ready for you to fully exploit.

Remember you will have worldwide rights to this and all my other products. 

I sold this course in book format at £74.95, however it will work even better as a monthly course where you can charge £12.99 per month per lesson – giving you a total of £155.88.

The cost to print this course is £6.50 and the same again for postage.

Total costs: £13.00

Total profit to you for each course sold: £142.88 if sold monthly, or £61.95 if sold in book format.

 Product #2 Blueprint 7

 You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales 
 and worldwide distribution licence worth 
 Blueprint 7 is a 100-page manual on how 
 to successfully win from football fixed 

 Written exclusively for us by Paul 
 Forester – a successful football tipster 
with over 10 years experience.

I have banked £171,000 from selling this simple manual.

Just think about that for a moment. This simple 100-page manual has earned me £171,000. If you don’t think this is THE best business ever, I’d like to know what is!

Sells for £57.00

Costs £3.60 to print and £1.00 to post.

Total costs: £4.60

Total profit to you for each manual sold: £52.40 

 Product #3 Start Your Own 
Successful Football Tipster 
You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and worldwide distribution licence worth £24,000.

Start Your Own Successful Football Tipster 
Service is a 124-page manual on how to 
start and run a successful football tipster 

I have personally taken £212,000 from selling this manual.

Sells for £85.00.

Costs £4.00 to print and £2.30 to post. 

Total costs: £6.30

Total profit to you for each manual sold: £78.70

 Product #4 Successful Property
You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and worldwide  distribution licence worth £26,000.

Successful Property Development is a 6-lesson course on property development.

It covers every subject from buying at auction, converting, renovation etc.

Sells for £77.94 or £12.99 per lesson per month.

Costs £6.50 to print and £4.08 to post. 

Total costs: £10.58

Total profit to you for each course sold: £67.36


 Product #5 Successful 
 Financial Trading

You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and worldwide distribution licence worth £26,000.

Successful Financial Trading shows you how to make money from spread betting.

It explains how to successfully bet on stock market indices (e.g. FTSE 100, Dow Jones), currencies, individual shares. It also covers charting, rend lines, retracements, relative strength and many other subjects.

Sells for £47.00

Costs £3.60 to print and £1.00 to post. 

Total costs: £4.60

Total profit to you for each manual sold: £42.40.


 Product #6 Mail Order – 
 The Ultimate Business Venture

 You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and
 worldwide distribution licence worth 

 Mail Order – The Ultimate Business Venture
 is a 10-lesson study course about the 
 whole mail order industry including 
 information publishing. 

It reveals exactly how to make your fortune from mail order. Not only does it cover direct mail, but other forms such as selling goods from magazine and newspaper adverts, online and satellite T.V. adverts.

This is a huge 12 Lesson 200 page+ study course.

Sells for £147.00 or £12.25 per month.

Costs £1.50 per lesson plus £2.50 for the ring binder and £6.00 postage. 

Total costs: £26.50

Total profit to you per full course: £120.50. 


 Product #7 How To Publish Your
 Own High Street Magazine
You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and worldwide distribution licence worth £19,000.

Another huge study reference course.

8 lessons – over 200 pages, this course covers the whole process of getting your magazine on the shelves of high street newsagents.

From an idea to print, it covers every stage of magazine creation, print and distribution. This is a very unique study course, I have not come across another like it.

Sells for £103.92 - £12.99 per lesson.

Costs £1.50 per lesson to print, £2.50 for the ring binder and £6.00 postage. 

Total costs: £20.50

Total profit to you per fill course sold: £83.42.


 Product #8 Gambling Systems

 You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and
 worldwide distribution licence worth 

This is a selection of the very best and 
profitable gambling systems. They cover 
horse racing and the lottery. They sell as 
a package for £29.99.

Costs £3.00 to print and £1.00 to post.

Total costs: £4.00.

Total profit to you: £25.99.


 Product #9 How To Make Money 
 Selling Financial Products

You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and worldwide distribution licence worth £5,000.

This is a 21 page guide to making money from selling financial products so as 
loans, mortgages, insurance, pensions and 

Sells for £12.99.

Costs £1.50 to print and £1.00 to post.

Total costs: £2.50

Total profit to you for each book sold: £10.49.

 Product #10 Cash From Cars

 You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and 
 worldwide distribution licence worth 

 This is a 21 page book on making money 
 trading cars. It covers buying cars at 
 auction and from trade to selling on for 
 profit. It also covers making money from 
 warranties, insurance and finance.

Sells for £12.99

Costs £1.50 to print and £1.00 to post. 

Total costs: £2.50

Total profit to you for each book sold: £10.49.

 Product #11 TV Celebs – How To
Break Into The TV Business

You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and worldwide distribution licence worth 

This is a 20 page book on how to become a celebrity.

It is a very topical book at the moment and 
sells very well. It covers all sorts of 
ways to get your face on T.V.

Sells for £12.99

Costs £1.50 to print and £1.00 to post. 

Total costs: £2.50

Total profit to you for each book sold: £10.49.


 Product #12 Easy Internet 

 You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and
 worldwide distribution licence worth 

This is a 20 page book on making money from selling goods online, designing and building our site and generating traffic. It also covers how to make money from web hosting.

Sells for £12.99

Costs £1.50 to print and £1.00 to post. 

Total costs: £2.50

Total profit to you for each book sold: £10.49.

 Product #13 The Complete 
 Credit Secrets Handbook

You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and worldwide distribution licence worth £1,000. 

This is a 46 page book covering many different subjects relating to credit.

From loans, credit cards, removing CCJ’s, saving money from your mortgage, it’s a handy book to have as a form of reference.

Sells for £12.99

Costs £2.50 to print and £1.00 to post. 

Total costs: £3.50

Total profit to you for each book sold: £9.49.


 Product #14 Protect Your 
 Driving Licence Handbook

You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and worldwide distribution licence worth £1,000.

This is an 87 page book on how to protect your driving licence. It covers everything from speed cameras to road safety. It reveals techniques to use when caught speeding and how to avoid a fine/points.

Sells for £12.99

Costs £1.50 to print and £1.00 to post. 

Total costs: £2.50

Total profit to you for each book sold: £10.49.


 Product #15 The Fruit Machine 
 Code Book

You Will Get: Full reproduction, sales and worldwide distribution licence worth £1,000.

This is a 98 page book on how to profit from fruit machines. It details many techniques on how to win from the machines. Other subjects covered include when the best time to play, how often do machines pay out, which machines are best plus many more.

Sells for £12.99

Costs £3.50 to print and £1.00 to post. 

Total costs: £4.50

Total profit to you for each book sold: £8.49.

Here are the fifteen worldwide product licences that I’ll be handing over to you:


 Product:                                          Value*


 Business Millionaire Success Class Study Course  £50,000

 Blueprint 7                                      £20,000

 Start Your Own Football Tipster Service          £24,000

 Successful Property Development                  £26,000

 Successful Financial Trading                     £26,000

 Mail Order – The Ultimate Business Venture       £30,000

 How To Publish Your High Street Magazine         £19,000   

 Gambling Systems                                 £ 1,000

 How To Make Money Selling Financial Products     £ 5,000

 Cash From Cars                                   £ 5,000

 TV Celebs – How To Break Into The TV Business    £ 5,000

 Easy Internet Business                           £ 5,000

 The Complete Credit Secrets Handbook             £ 1,000

 Protect Your Driving Licence Handbook            £ 1,000

 The Fruit Machine Code Book                      £ 1,000  


 Total Value                                     £219,000

*The value of each licence is based on approximate earnings over a 6 month period. My yearly turnover is about £300,000 so the total value of all my products is less than my yearly turnover – a pretty good deal at that price.

So this is the figure you would have to pay if you wanted me to grant you exclusive rights to these products.

However, I’ve found a way of enabling you to get your hands on these products with a non-exclusive license – and this will still give you worldwide coverage.

You may be asking at this stage:

“Great! I’ve got the licences for these 15 products but how do I get them printed?”

Well what I’ve done is put every product onto a CD. You then decide which product you want printing and hand the disk to your printer. He will take care of the rest. All the files are MS Word files so you can even print them at home if you want.

I’ll also supply every product as a PDF file which transforms the product into an ebook. This is what you send to your customers when selling the products online.

“Brilliant, but Rob, what about the sales literature, I’m not a great copywriter?”

I thought you’d never ask!

I’ve been described as one of the best copywriters in the UK. I’ve written letters for many businesses and over the years I’ve created and fine-tuned killer sales letters for all these products. 

Good copywriters charge £5,000+ for a standard sales letter, and I have put a value to my sales letters of £50,000. Each of these sales letters would have cost you a minimum of £3,000.

These letters are the very best that I’ve written. You could write your own sales letters but it is not that easy. There is an art to copywriting, and it may take you months to write fifteen letters.

Forgot all that! I’ll give you the rights to use or alter all my sales letters.

You will receive:

A CD containing MS Word files of fifteen sales letters. You’ll also receive a licence to use these letters as they are, or adapt them to suit yourself. Again just hand this CD over to your printer and he’ll do the rest.

Please be assured these are the EXACT SAME sales letters that I used myself to earn £1.2million pounds.

Okay, let’s summarise. You’ve got your products, you’ve got your sales letters. What else can I give you?

 How about a piece of software that reproduces every sales letter you have into a website sales letter at the touch of a button.

You simply copy and paste the text from any of your sales letters and it automatically generates the html code.

You then upload the code to your domain name and your sales letter is online to attract thousands of orders. Your online customers can then pay using Paypal.

Register the site with search engines and wait for the orders to come in. 

I’ll give you this superb piece of software FREE OF CHARGE!

 What’s more, I’ve a great piece of software that instantly creates sales letter headlines and advert headings for any product.

You simply type in the name of the product, what it does and hey presto, a number of quality headings are displayed for you to use.

I’ll also give you this piece of software FREE OF CHARGE!

What I want to do is give you all the help and advice for your business so that it mirrors mine. After all, mine is a proven successful operation.

“Rob, I’m interested but I don’t know much about running a mail order business.”

Don’t worry about that.

See this manual here:


This manual contains every money-making method, technique and strategy which took me 10 years to learn. In fact I’ll supply you with every piece of knowledge you need to start your own lucrative information publishing business.

For instance, the manual covers:

Exactly How To Sell The Products Using Direct Mail Campaigns (I have over 10 years experience and you'll learn all my methods, secrets and techniques that I've used to earn over £1 Million).

What Are Greatest Direct-Response Secrets Of All Time (These closely guided secrets are only known to a few 'in the know' people, I'll share them with you).

How Do You Accurately Price Your Products For Maximum Profits (Get this wrong and you are leaving thousands on the table. I'll show you a quick and easy way to the maximum price out of all your products).  

Which Are The Best Mailing Lists To Use – And Where Do You Obtain Them From (This list is probably worth hundreds to you on its own. I'll tell you the best lists to use, what response rate you can expect and where to rent the list from).

What, How, And When Do You Communicate With Your Customers (I took 5 years to get this right. Now, everytime I contact my customers I attract hundreds of orders. You'll find out how I do this and how to apply it to your business).

How Can You Guarantee Your Sales Messages Are Read And Responded To (Very important information, you are wasting your time and money of no one reads your sales letters. I'll show you the very best methods to use to ensure all your sales letters are read).  

What Are The Key Factors In Converting Inquiries Into Actual Sales (It takes certain methods to convert inquiries to buyers. You'll find out how I've converted over 27,000 customers).

What Is The ONE Key Marketing Strategy That’ll Almost Guarantee Huge Responses (Another secret that is worth hundreds on its own. There are only a handful of people using this strategy, and when you find out what it is, you'll be amazed how easy it is to apply to your business).

How Do You Get cold prospects to EAGERLY buy even your most expensive products "sight unseen" (This was discovered years ago by a social psychologist, takes zero effort to use and is so effective, this might be the only sales "technique" you'll ever need!)

How Can You Get Testimonials And Use Them To Increase Sales (This is the easy method to get your customers to writer testimonials for you which you can then use in your sales literature).

Which Are The Best Months For Sales Response (Some months can earn you hundreds of thousands of pounds, whereas others will make just a couple of thousand pounds) 

What Are The 8 Vital Elements In Test Response Record Keeping (Used throughout the years by all the top marketing experts. Can be the difference between a successful marketing campaign that attracts over £50,000 and one which attracts just £1,000).

How Do You Lay-Out Your Sales Letter To Get Maximum Readership (Not many people give this a second thought ... however, do it right and your response rate will increase 40%).

How Can You Quickly Increase Your Product Range ( I'll give you my secret methods to increase your back-end product to ensure you earn maximum profit from each customer).

How Do You Place Adverts In National Newspapers & Magazines (And NOT pay the rate card. You can advertise in the national press for a lot less that you think. So adverts have cost me just £10.00 and resulted in bringing in over £15,000)>

And much, much more.

Here's what some of my past customers have said:

 “Although I have a B.Comm and a MBA, I found
  your course a real insight. Economics never
  taught me about wealth creation. In my first
  week with you I followed all your ideas and

Having identified a small but profitable investment opportunity which I took full advantage of, I made a very simply £2,750. It took about 2-hours to set things in motion. This investment cash enabled me to finance more profitable ventures many of which you brought to my attention. Since those early months studying and adopting the methods you outline in your course, I can honestly say my life has changed completely. 

Back in December I had made £15,000 from a number of different projects and I continued to re-invest these profits as you instruct. It is now early March and I really can't believe how things have worked out. Today, I'm looking at my bank statement which displays a balance of £225,000. 

I've now made enough money to retire for a few years and escape the cold damp UK. I've bought a lovely house in Rhodes, Greece with 6 bedrooms and a pool. It's set in 6 acres. It cost £80K. With the rest of my money invested I'm doing very well. 

I still cannot thank you enough. I would be more than pleased to recommend your course to anyone. Rob, once again, thank you so much and I wish you and your family a successful and rewarding year.” 

Carl Messurier


  “Firstly, let me say what
   a fantastic job you are
   doing. Honestly, I don't
   know how you do it.

   From losing a fortune on all sorts of schemes in the past, I can truly say this system is the most profitable venture I've ever been involved with. I wasn't sure exactly what I'd receive from you at the start but not only have you delivered all that was expected, you've actually gone that little bit further and I feel I've received much more than my monies worth” 

C. Sawyer Glasgow



I’ve crammed in every piece of information that you’ll need to run this business successfully.

Along with the book that I’ve called ‘My Book of Secrets’, I’ll also be giving you many other things to ensure that your business is successful.

 I’ll send you details of how to get credit card facilities so you can accept credit card payments.

 I’ll also provide you with full details of all the best list brokers that I’ve used over the years.

 Plus, you can have access to my own personal printer.

He can print all your sales literature and products. And he can also take care of all your direct mail campaigns.

You can run your business in exactly the same way!

Remember, this is not a difficult business to operate.

The amount of work required to earn say £5,000 per week is 2 hours a day – can you spare that time?

Running this business and earning £5,000+ per week is a fantastic way to spend your life. You’ll have so much freedom to do exactly what YOU want to do. No early morning starts, no boss, no hassle.

And I’d love to share this lifestyle with you.

I’ll be giving you:

 A Licence to fifteen of my tried and tested products, worth £219,000

 Fifteen proven sales letters. The exact same letters which have made me £1.2 million pounds. These letters are worth £50,000

 Free software to create online sales letters

 Free software to create order-pulling headings

 My book of knowledge and know-how. Everything I’ve learnt, and  exactly how I ran my business – you simply copy everything step by step

You may now be wondering what kind of payment commitment is required.

At first I was going to charge royalties for every item you sold. But this would be a pain for me to administer. I’m supposed to be retiring remember?

Then I thought about charging 10% of my annual income – approx £20,000.

But obviously I know from experience, this kind of money is hard to come by, although it’s a fraction of what you would need to pay for a basic franchise – for example repairing dents on cars. And I doubt you’d make your fortune doing that job!

So here is what I have decided, and I hope you approve:

No Royalties … No Big Fees …

No 10% Of My Annual Turnover

Rather than charging royalties for every product you sell … asking for a big one-off fee … or even charging you 10% of my yearly earnings, I finally worked out a way of giving you all of this for a small one-off fee.

Which makes this an even more attractive business venture. In fact you may have to pinch yourself to believe what I’m about to say…

I’m not going to charge you anywhere near 10% of my annual income - £20,000. In fact, I have decided to bring the full charge for all this down to just £176.00.

That includes everything. The fifteen products, the fifteen sales letters, the software and the manual containing all my insider knowledge – in fact the works!

I’ll be totally honest. This is an absolute give-away price!

This Might Be A Ridiculously Low Fee, But I’ve Spent A Lot Of Time Putting Together This Package So You Can Genuinely Run This Business Exactly How I Do!

Which is also why there are no discounts … no special offers … no reduction of this price in the next few days. And it’s why I should point out that if you cannot afford this fee, PLEASE DON’T ORDER!

If the cost will be a hardship for you in any way shape or form, please don’t even consider this.

Remember, this might be a fun way to make money, but it isn’t a game. This is something I take very seriously.

If it is ‘worry’ money to you, let’s part company now and I’ll offer this deal to the next person until I have my total.

I want to hand over my entire business to people who have the resources and commitment to run this business exactly how I have done so that you can earn £5,000+ per week. 

Summary of The Deal

In case you are thinking you might have missed a catch, or the deal seems too good to be true, let me summarise exactly what you will receive for £176.00. There are no further fees or payments to be made now or ever.

This is a one-off retirement deal.

You Will Get

For a single one-off payment of £176.00 you will receive:

1. Worldwide reprint, sales and distribution licences to all of Capital Westland’s products:

Product:                                              Value 

Business Millionaire Success Class Study Course      £50,000

Blueprint 7                                          £20,000

Start Your Own Football Tipster Service              £24,000

Successful Property Development                      £26,000

Successful Financial Trading                         £26,000

Mail Order – The Ultimate Business Venture           £30,000

Publish Your Own High Street Magazine                £19,000

Gambling Systems                                     £ 1,000

How To Make Money Selling Financial Products         £ 5,000

Cash From Cars                                       £ 5,000

TV Celebs – How To Break Into The TV Business        £ 5,000

Easy Internet Business                               £ 5,000

The Complete Credit Secrets Handbook                 £ 1,000

Protect Your Driving Licence Handbook                £ 1,000

The Fruit Machine Code Book                           £1,000

Total Value                                         £219,000

2. CD Rom containing master copies in MS Word and PDF form of all these products. Just hand the CD over to your printer when you are ready. 

3. The rights to use (or amend as you see fit) fifteen proven, tried and tested sales letters (worth £50,000) for each of the products, supplied on CD Rom as MS Word documents.

This is a Total Value to you of: £269,000

4. Your instruction manual. Complete notes on how to run your business in exactly the same way that I have done for 10 years.

5. Software to create online sales letters for each of the fifteen products.

6. Software to create order-pulling headings.


I’m currently banking £5,000 per week. From the day I give you your licences, I will cease promoting these products.

It’s time you and your family had a share of this kind of lifestyle?

Believe me, you don’t want to retire with a measly pension (if you’re lucky to have one) in the coming years. And who knows what the state pension will be worth – if it is still available! If you don’t start to take action RIGHT NOW, you’ll be left behind.

Are you a go-getter, who is ready to take up new challenges? Or are you just a dreamer - full of dreams but no motivation?

Are you waiting for your numbers to come up on the lottery or waiting for your premium bonds to pay out? You’ll still be waiting when aged eighty, worried that you cannot afford the next bill that drops through your letter box.

It’s time, right now to roll up your sleeves up, stick two fingers up to poverty and start to change your life.

Come on let’s go!

Here, at last is a perfect opportunity to start your very own information publishing business that will make great money for you and your family. This is not pie in the sky – I’ve done it and I’m now fortunate enough to be able to retire – you can do it too.

Within 4 weeks you could have £5,000+ dropping through your letterbox every week.

To guarantee your participation, ORDER NOW before the moment passes and LET’S GET STARTED.

To receive your substantial business package is very easy.

Simply click on the "ADD TO CART" button below.

 sincerely look forward to handing over my complete business to you knowing that you are on your way to a £5,000+ weekly income.

Very best wishes,

Robert Evans

P.S. This Month I Banked £9,670.50. Last Month I Banked £11,449.00.

P.P.S I’ve made so much money that I’m retiring at 40. Let me teach you everything I know and provide you with every product, sales letter and systems which have made me a millionaire so that you can duplicate my success for yourself.

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