SAFE TEMPERATURES GUIDE To Prevent Food Poisoning l Food and Safety Poster (297mm x 210mm) A4 size l Danger Zone Awareness Poster A4 size l Food Hygiene Safety Gloss Laminated Poster A4 size

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Size A4
Colour Yes
Item dimensions L x W x H 21 x 1 x 30 centimetres

About this item

  • ✔️ CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS WITH SUPPORTED BY COLOURFULL IMAGES - Easy to understand Safe Temperatures to prevent food poisoning and create a safety food environment at all time.
  • ✔️ THIS IS A4 SIZE GLOSS LAMINATE WATERPROOF POSTER (21.0 cm x 29.7 cm) high quality to ensure stay long term and easy to relocate in different places. THIS IS NOT A CHEAP STICKER WHICH ONLY PLACE ONCE AND YOU CAN'T REMOVE IT. We design it for long term and It is flexible to change places
  • ✔️ IT COMES WITH STRONG DOUBLE SIDED TAPE SELF-ADHESIVE TOP AND BOTTOM suitable to all surfaces and EASY to RELOCATE when is necessary.
  • ✔️ EASY AND READABLE FONTS with White Background and It is SUITABLE for All Ages.
  • Product description

    SAFE TEMPERATURES To prevent food poisoning fridge & freezer temperatures Keeping fridges and freezers at the correct temperature is critical to ensure good food safety during storage. Food should be stored in a fridge between 1°C and 5°C to allow a margin of error below the legal standard of 8°C Food stored in a freezer should be regularly rotated and stored at -18°C as bacteria will not grow at these temperatures. safe food temperatures To prevent food poisoning, it is essential to kill bacteria. Most bacteria are killed quickly at between 72 to 100°C. The danger zone is between 5°C and 63°C where bacteria will grow rapidly and perishable foods in the danger zone for more than two hours. Generally speaking safe food temperatures can be summarised as follows: 100°C or boiling point bacteria will be destroyed 83°C the internal temperature of reheated food should reach 75 to 80°C poultry and meat are safest between these internal temperatures 63°C bacteria is gradually killed above this temperature 37°C ideal temperature for bacteria to grow 2 to 4°C stored food is safe at 4 °C for short periods of time but it's better stored at 2°C -18°C at deep freeze temperature bacteria won't grow but may not die either

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